“A unique product that is greatly needed.”

Carry Me Anywhere® is a unique product that is greatly needed. I wished I had this product 26 years ago when I got started in real estate. It would have saved me a fortune in signs and replacement signs!

Tony Delgado, Designated Texas Broker/Partner


Easy access, portable and durable.”

What a great idea!!! Ideal for making the investment is signs, riders and panels last longer than just hauling them around in your truck. Easy access, portable and durable. What more could you ask for!!

R. Scott Kesner, Broker/President at Century 21 The Edge


“Great investment!”

As a realtor, I invest in a lot of marketing, including A-Frame signs. Purchasing covers for my A-Frame signs has been a great investment, not only does it protect the interior and trunk of my car by not damaging the upholstery, but it also protects the exterior paint when removing signs from my vehicle. Great investment!

Minerva Al-Tabbaa, Realtor at Keller Williams Realty


“These covers are so well made.”

I have to tell you how thrilled I am with the purchase of the covers from Carry MeEverywhere®! They protect my A-frame “Open House” panels, and the portfolio cover for my “For Sale” panels. Working with ERA, and recently going through a new look with a logo change, I had to replace my signs. I am happy to say that my open house signs still look new. Not only that, but because these covers are so well made, my car isn’t getting scratched up anymore. Best investment ever! Thank you, Carry Me Everywhere®!

— Jacque Bernstein Realtor at Era

Carry Me Everywhere® bags for open house signs, real estate panels and sign riders are durable and are practical for every Realtor. They keep your signs protected and organized. As a broker associate I encourage my fellow Realtors to invest in this product. No more having to replace my panels on a regular basis due to scratches and best of all no more rattling coming from the trunk of the car!

Blaine Shoemaker Gonzalez
Broker Associate Hamilton Associates, Inc.



What a smart idea!”

What a smart idea! Protect your signs & riders so they remain looking nice, not all scratched up! Great Product! 

Jennifer Strohls Realtor at Century 21


“Found a way for me to increase my business.”

Sylvia [Carry Me Everywhere®] has found a way to not only help realtors maintain their beautiful and costly signs, but she has also found a way for me to increase my business by offering co-branding on the Carry Me Everywhere bags. It's a wonderful way for a mortgage lender to partner with realtors in the real estate business by raffling these bags during realtor tours. 

Cheryl Montenegro Tri State Mortgage


These bags are so innovative.”

I absolutely love the bags created by Sylvia. Carry Me Everywhere® bags are an easy and convenient way to help maintain realtor signs of all sizes. These bags are so innovative that I am now using them as prizes in my social media campaign. Way to go Sylvia! 

Sheila Diamond President at Credit Defense Legal


Thank you for saving me time and money!!”

Carry Me Everywhere® bags are AWESOME! These bags have saved me time and money. I know exactly where my signs are, they are protected from fading and scratching which minimizes the wear and tear. I don’t have to worry about my trunk being damaged from unsecured signs sliding. I can carry multiple signs in one convenient bag with several compartments that can be stored in a closet, office or anyplace without it looking like an eye-sore. Thank you for saving me time and money!

Brenda Trillo, New American Funding Business Development Marketing Manager